ET Premier Water Softener System

Benefits of Softened Water

  • Extends the life of water-using appliances
  • Softer longer lasting clothes, linens and towels
  • Use less soap and detergents
  • Leaves hair and skin feeling vibrant and soft
  • Reduces spotting etching of dishes and glassware
  • Improved water taste and smell

No Warranty Compares

  • Lifetime Limited System Warranty*
  • Lifetime Resin Tank and Brine Tank Warranty
  • Lifetime Category One Resin Warranty
  • 5 YR EnviroTwin™ Valve Warranty
  • 1 YR Limited Labor Warranty

Arizona’s Best Whole House Water Treatment System

Arizona’s best whole house water treatment system, treating not only the Valley’s extreme hardness but also addressing our high chlorine/chloramine, as well as pesticides, herbicides, VOC’s, and many other compounds in our water. Our multi-tank twin alternating “Quad” system provides high quality treated water 24/7, even during regeneration. Your home and family deserve the best; and Envirotec Premier is the Southwest’s best blend of quality, value, and warranty! Made in the desert for the desert and our harsh water conditions!


EnviroTwin™ Alternating Valve

On demand regeneration means you’ll always have softened and filtered water even while your system is in regeneration. Heavy laundry day? House guests? No problem. The Premier system with its high flow rates and alternating valve helps to prevent hard water bleed through while maximizing media beds to optimize efficiency.

Tricarbon™ Blend

Our exclusive blend of three types of carbon (coconut, coal, catalytic) reduces a wide range of impurities found in our water – chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides to name a few.

Category One Resin

Extreme temperature resin designed for extreme climates ranging from deserts to mountains. Outlasts the competition and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Regeneration Tank

Constructed of high-impact polyethylene. Stores 150lbs. of salt or potassium (for salt-free regeneration). A Lifetime Guarantee!