Deluxe ET50H Water Softener System

Deluxe ET50H Water Softener System

Our Deluxe System Regenerates less therefore lasting longer.


Digital Demand Monitoring

New Efficiency Boosting Feature knows precisely when to regenerate, saving water and salt usage up to 75% over conventional water softeners. Built tough to withstand desert conditions. 6 Year Warranty.

Superior Capacity

50,000 Grains
This size system regenerates less because of larger capacity and will last years longer. Also eliminates hard water bleed-through.

Multiple Tank Design

Allows easier movement of system for service work or relocation to a new home. Our MTD design will outlast a discount cabinet system up to 5 times.

Regeneration Tank

Constructed of high-impact polyethylene. Stores 150lbs. of salt or potassium (for salt-free regeneration). A Lifetime Guarantee!

Maxflow™ Valve

New High Flow Metered Demand Valve
Our valve has excellent service flow rates for better water pressure at your showers and faucets than other systems at this price.


Optional Upgrade
Reduces odor, chlorine and chloramine in your soft water. Retains color brilliance in hair and clothes.

Ultrastar™ Resin High-Temperature Resin

designed for desert climates. Outlasts the competition and is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee!

No Warranty Compares

  • Lifetime Limited System Warranty*
  • Lifetime Resin Tank and Brine Tank Warranty
  • Lifetime UltraStar™ Resin Warranty
  • 6 YR MaxFlow™ Valve Warranty
  • 1 YR Limited Labor Warranty