Envirotec™ Water Softeners deliver quality water for your home!

Ways you’ll benefit from an Envirotec™ WS System:

Water Softening Benefits

  • Leaves skin and hair feeling vibrant and soft
  • Clothes look nicer and hold up better
  • Your dishes, kitchen and bath will shine
  • Reduces water heating bill up to 30%
  • Prevents Scale build-up that damages water-using appliances
  • Saves money! Reduces laundry detergent and soap costs up to 75%

No Softener Warranty Compares

  • Lifetime Limited System Warranty*
  • Lifetime Resin and Brine Tank Warranty
  • Lifetime UltraStar™ Valve Warranty
  • 6 YR MaxFlow™ Valve Warranty
  • 1 YR Labor Warranty*