ET6500 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System


Designed for harsher water conditions with higher production needs.

Stage One Sediment Filtration

Sediment reduction to 1 micron; 40 times smaller than visible to human eye

Stage Two Ultra Pre-Filtration

½ micron carbon filtation has highest chemical absorption rate of any similar dimension carbon block filter. The best in RO Membrane Protection!

Stage Three High Flow Eco Membrane

Encapsulated thin layer composite (TLC) membrane produces 50 GPD of purified water. Double the recovery of standard membranes. Ultra-efficient, filters down to the molecular level to remove total dissolved solids (TDS). NEW TECHNOLOGY! Less waste, faster production

Stage Four ECT™ Filtration

This design feature extends the water contact time with the carbon 60 times longer than our competitors, thus doing a better job of reducing contaminants. Reduces contaminants that other RO systems miss!

Stage Five Remineralization Filter

Adds minerals back into the water and helps to increase the pH of the water.

Stage Six Polishing Filter

Water passes through a specific coconut carbon blend flavor filter to ensure the best-tasting water.