Hold Your Water to a Higher Standard

Why Envirotec Water Treatment?

Envirotec Water Systems, exclusive to Spencer’s TV and Appliances, are manufactured right here in the desert (Mesa, AZ) and are backed with over 35 years of experience treating our harsh water conditions.

We offer a full lineup of Water treatment products from Softeners and Whole House Filters to Reverse Osmosis. Whether you are looking to eliminate damaging hardness minerals or reduce chlorine, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals, or simply looking for bottled water quality at your kitchen sink, we have your solution.

The Southwest is notorious for extreme water hardness and chlorine levels. Envirotec Water Systems are mindfully manufactured using the highest quality materials to withstand these conditions.
Envirotec systems boast some of the best warranties in the industry and will provide your home or office with cleaner, healthier water for years to come.


Quality.   Value.   Warranty.

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